From the Desk of Father Underwood

From the Desk of Fr. Underwood:

 Thank You Fr. Duquaine!  An open-house is being hosted in honor of Fr. Duquaine this Sunday (May 21st) from 12:15 – 2:00pm in the Social Hall.  Please come and wish Fr. Duquaine well!  His last day at St. Lawrence will be Sunday, May 28th.

Tuition Assistance Collection:  We have been taking up a second collection during the month of May to help St. Lawrence parish families with tuition.  All funds collected are put into a special account to assist registered St. Lawrence parish families in need who want to send their children to the Lafayette Catholic Schools.  In recent years, this money helped some of our families who experienced job loss, unexpected financial challenges and those who needed the extra amount to make Catholic education a reality.

This year, there is a special envelope for this collection that came in your May envelope packet.  You may place your special envelope in the regular Sunday collection or in the special second collection (May 13-14 and 20-21).  Please make all tuition assistance contributions by the end of May.

Warmer Weather:  This time of year, people start noticing others coming to Mass dressed for what they call “basketball or the beach” and they ask when I’m going to mention it in the bulletin.  So, here are a few warmer weather reminders about Mass attire and Church etiquette.

  1. The Mass is a sharing in Christ’s once-for-all sacrifice, re-presented for us in the Eucharist at that very moment.  It is the greatest and most important thing we can ever participate in here on earth.  Our participation, choice of clothing, and actions should speak to this dignity.  We should dress for Mass as the formal event it is – as if we were meeting someone really famous (because we are).  Clothing choices should be dignified and modest.  You might even ask the question “would I wear this to a wedding or a funeral?”  If the answer is “no,” then it quite possibly is not appropriate for Mass.
  1. There are things we should never do in the Church building.  Chewing gum, eating and drinking (of course the Eucharist is the exception to this), children running and playing as if it is the playground, etc.  The Church building is a holy place unlike any other.  We are to reverence it as a place of prayer.  It is good when we act respectful and prayerful at all times in the Church, and remember to genuflect to the Eucharist when we enter and before we leave.
  1. Arriving Late to Mass & Leaving Mass Early:  These are both things that compromise our worship of God.  Come early and prepare for the Mass with a prayer.  Stay a few minutes late to pray a prayer of Thanksgiving.  You won’t regret what this does for your relationship with God.
  1. The air conditioning is on.  Please do not leave doors propped open for long periods of time or open the windows of the Church.

State of the Parish Address:  Next weekend (May 27-28), a member of our finance council and I will be presenting the annual state of the parish address.  It will include our 2016 year-end financial position as well as updates to the progress on school expansion planning.  This will be presented efficiently and at the end of Mass during the announcements.