From the Desk of Father Underwood

From the Desk of Fr. Underwood:


St. Lawrence Strategic Initiative – Values and Guiding Principles:


This month, you have had the opportunity to become familiar with the Mission Statement & Vision Statement of St. Lawrence Parish. These statements were composed by our Strategic Planning Committee that met in February of this year.

Mission Statement: The parish family of St. Lawrence honors God and Him alone we serve by opening our doors to all through faith, service, education, and prayer to form disciples of Christ and spread his love.

Vision Statement: With God’s grace, St. Lawrence parish strives to nurture a spiritually enriched community, forming disciples with a passion for holiness, ministry, and worship.

In addition to these statements, Values and Guiding Principles were written to help us better understand our role as members of this parish – as well as what you can expect from the parish. Last week, I introduced the five major points of what you can expect from your parish:

St. Lawrence Parish is committed to provide the following to assist our parishioners in their growth and living the faith:


  1. Celebrate our Catholic faith with vibrant and meaningful liturgies that inspire the day-to-day lives of all who join us.
  2. Create a caring and welcoming environment where people feel the love of Christ.
  3. Ensure a variety of opportunities for parishioners to serve and engage by doing what they do best.
  4. Judiciously use the financial resources provided by our parishioners and establish facilities to support our mission and vision.
  5. Provide opportunities for spiritual growth while challenging individuals to embrace the call to live a holy life.

This week, we look at the role of each parishioner – what should your parish expect from you.


As a parishioner of St. Lawrence Church, I will help live out the mission of the Church in the following ways:

  1. Be present, actively participating in the Mass and the Sacramental life of the Church.
  2. Be welcoming, proactively looking for ways to connect with others in our parish and welcome visitors to the St. Lawrence family.
  3. Use my talents, prayerfully discerning what gifts God is calling me to use within my parish.
  4. Share my treasure, returning to God from the first fruits by prayerfully discerning what sacrificial giving means for me and/or my family.
  5. Seek growth, identifying opportunities to develop my knowledge and the application of our Catholic faith in daily life.

Thank you for taking time to be familiar with our Mission, Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles – and for incorporating them into every aspect of your life.