Quilters Group

Back in 1965 when Father Leo was Pastor of Saint Lawrence, it was suggested that gifts of clothing be made to the missions. Father Leo had been in the western missions for several years before coming to Lafayette. Mrs. Helen Yanner organized a group of women who met two mornings a month to sew. Gifts of used clothing came in fast and the women were kept busy mending. Parcels of clothing were delivered to the missions through the Navajo Lines. Later this free delivery ceased and a method for raising money for postage had to be devised. Quilting had begun. Quite a supply of material was on hand and the ladies cut and sewed patches. News spread and soon tops to be quilted were coming in. The charge for quilting was two cents for a yard of thread. (The price has been raised since that time.) Soon two quilting frames were in use and the quilting ladies began coming in every week. The new material had been parceled out to several ladies who made clothes for the boys and girls. Woolen material was made up into comforters, which were also sent to the Indian Missions. Pole coat linings were used to make toy animals which were stuffed with old nylons. Even the "old" art of making soap was not forgotten. A package of homemade soap was included in each shipment of clothing sent, which we were told was really appreciated. Due to increased postage rates, sending clothing to the Missions was canceled a few years ago. Our group is now called the "Saint Lawrence Quilters". As of present, our quilting group consists of a group of ladies quilting every Tuesday morning. A home-baked snack and coffee was, and still is, a highlight at mid-morning.


The offering to Saint Lawrence Church consists of a quilt, which is raffled at the annual Easter Monday Card Party. We also use the money from our quilts to donate to special causes of the church. The money from the quilt raffles alone has been over $10,000 since 1995. We have also given money for playground equipment, a school intercom, computers, a new heating system, and last but not least, our new Parish Hall.