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The Lafayette Urban Ministry (LUM) is an organization of more than 40 churches that serves as a social safety net for Lafayette’s needy children and families.

Our church in in partnership and a part of Lafayette Urban Ministry. Membership is open to all whose faith leads to ministry among the poor.
We invite you to learn about LUM and keep up to date with the latest LUM news and developments.

For over 40 years, LUM has worked to give back the hope, the future, and the self-respect to low-income people in the Greater Lafayette area. We take an active role in trying to change social injustices and improve the quality of life for the poor of Indiana.

Loving neighbors, seeking justice, empowering the least among us, and renewing the Church’s social ministry.

For information on our programs and services, volunteering opportunities, making a donation, or any other questions, you may stop in during our office hours or contact us by telephone,  mail, or e-mail.
Lafayette Urban Ministry
420 N 4th Street, Lafayette, Indiana 47901-2213
Phone: 765.423.2691
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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