Elizabeth Ministry

elizSt. Lawrence Elizabeth Ministry

Elizabeth Ministry, following the example of Mary and Elizabeth, is a program in which women support other women and their families during times of pregnancy, birth, adoption/failed adoption, infant crisis, miscarriage, and infertility.

Do you have experiences in any of these areas? Would you be interested in sharing your story and supporting women of our parish facing similar situations? Volunteers are also needed for Elizabeth Ministry in the form of making phone calls, sending cards, prayer support, gathering as a group to prepare/freeze meals (twice per year), and delivering meals. We are looking for women of all ages to help with this beautiful ministry of supporting, consoling, and encouraging women of our parish during the joys and sorrows of this special time.

If you know any women who is pregnacic, adoption/failed adoption, infant crisis, miscarriage, and infertility please let us know so we can get intouch with them.

 Please call Jean Fredette at 765-497-0157 or the parish office at 765-742-2107.