Our Music Ministry here at Saint Lawrence is very robust, diverse, and arguably, one of the best in the area. It is comprised of many different groups. For a brief description of each, please read on!





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Folk Choir

Our Folk Choir here at Saint Lawrence is comprised of many folks who simply love to sing at Mass. Contact Wendy Davis to learn more.

Sunday 9:30am Choir

Our 9:30 am Choir is one of our largest choirs here at Saint Lawrence which generally sings throughout the corresponding school year and rests their voices over the summer.

Sunday 5:00pm Choir

Our Sunday 5:00pm choir is our contemporary choir here at Saint Lawrence. 

Sunday Childrens Choir

Our Sunday Childrens Choir here at Saint Lawrence generally sings during our 9:30am Mass every 6 or so weeks.

This webpage will be updated in due time. If you have any questions, please be sure to the parish office for any questions about our Music Ministry at Saint Lawrence.