The Virtues for Couples Program

A Program for Couples

Dear Couple,

We are glad that you have selected to use this program.  Caring for your marriage begins with making time for each other; regularly going on dates, and staying connected by having fun together.

As you watch the videos and read the articles you will be encouraged to examine your habits - your ways of doing things. Often couples find that their habits can be the source of conflicts. Therefore be aware that conflicts may surface during your conversations. Before you start, please read the introductory flyer, and "Helpful Steps in Sharing you Feelings with Each Other."

Please remember that this program is not a substitute for marriage counseling if that is what you need.

It is our hope that through the videos, the articles and the conversations prompted by them you will grow in virtue and you will strengthen your relationship.


How to use the program:

1. Together select 4 dates on your calendar that both of you agree to set aside for couple-time.

2. On the appointed date and time begin by reciting together the Lord's prayer or your favorite prayer to remind yourselves that you are in God's presence. Read the introductory flyer and watch one of the videos.  

3. Go out to a quiet place, or stay home if you prefer.  Read the article and the conversation starters on the flyer that corresponds to the video that you watched. Then chose three questions that catch your attention.  Take turns answering them, and be considerate of each other.  You may want to review: Helpful Steps in Sharing Your Feelings with Each Other.

4. Fifteen to twenty minutes of conversation may be enough, then go and do something fun that both of you enjoy.



 After viewing the video use the handout on Prudence for your conversation.


Read the Flyer on Prudence.

Keep handy the flyer: "Helpful Steps in Sharing Your Feelings."