Staff Directory

Our Staff Directory is organized by their role in our parish.

Many of our staff members have provided points of contact in case you need to get ahold of one of them.

If you see a Contact Form, please fill that out and it will be sent to their email inbox.

Some also have phone numbers as well in case you need to call them.

Display #
Name Position Phone
Rev. Eric Underwood Pastor 765.742.2107 ex.972
Rev. Stephen Duquaine Parochial Vicar 765.742.2107 ex.973
Deacon Jim Rush Deacon 765.742.2107 ex.974
Ryan Hillman Director of Evangelization of Young People 765.742.2107 ex.975
Sue Schmitz Director of Evangelization of Adults & Family Life 765.742.2107 ex.976
Kevin Frecker Coordinator of Music 765-742-2107 ex. 830
Mick Gillen RCIA Coordinator 765.491.5034
Kim Murphy Office Manager 765.742.2107 ex.970
Lori Finney Facilities & Communications Manager 765.742.2107 ex.971
Bill & Sue Bayley HS Youth Ministers 765.404.0753
Lyn Bordenet MS Youth Minister 765.412.1886
Missy Henry Parent/Infant/Toddler Program Coordinator 765.296.8119
Sonja Wiegand 50+ Club 765.589.3292
Jody Williams Principal 765.742.4450 ex.983
Terri Gillam Preschool Director 765.742.4450 ex.981
Bernie Jacot Maintenance/Custodian 765.742.2107
Holly Eberhard Director of Parish Nurses 765.742.2107
Denise Seeger Natural Family Planning - Creighton Model 765.449.5133
Susan Hoefer Natural Family Planning - Couple to Couple League Sympto-Thermal Method 765.421.1998