Growing with Christ...Engaging our Parish Family

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This week you should have received in the mail a brochure detailing the Growing With Christ… Engaging Our Parish Family “Increased Offertory Program” our parish will be participating in over the next few weeks. This informative brochure is intended to communicate how we, as a parish, want to advance our mission and how we are serving
God’s people in our community. Commitment Weekend for this Program is March 2nd & 3rd. We encourage all parishioners to spend time in prayer and discussion with your family reflecting on how you are able to help us. We look forward to seeing all of our parishioners at Mass next weekend for this very important Commitment Sunday. If you have any questions regarding the Increased Offertory Program please feel free to contact the parish office.

Your Commitment

It is important that each of us, clergy and lay faithful alike, are publicly visible supporters of thie program. Please make sure you participate in the completion of your card. Your priests will be there completing cards along with the parish on Commitment Weekend so that every one knows we are a part of this too. I have already made an adjustment ot my Faith Direct for my Increased Commitiment to start in March. What are you able to consider for your family? The mailing has some helpful information for us to consider about stewardship and our part in parish ministry.

Please join me in praying this prayer each day for our parish.